Sekere Multi-Purpose Gym Opening Ceremony

Pohnpei State
News Press
The opening ceremony for the new gym at sekere was held on February 17, 2016. The Sekere Multi-purpose gym is a mark of relation of friendship between Pohnpei State Government and Japan Embassy.  Two years ago, Sekere community asked for the assistant of Pohnpei State Government to build a new gym at Sekere. With the good relationship with the Japan Embassy, the Ambassador of Japan, His Excellency Masaki Sakai, funded this project with the Pohnpei State Government.
At the opening ceremony of the new Sekere multi-purpose gym, Governor Peterson stated his great appreciation for all that are involved in the project of the gym especially to Ambassador Sakai for the great help for putting up the certain amount of fund to complete the Sekere multi-purpose gym. Governor Peterson also went briefly and explained the purpose of the gym and also pointed out that the gym will be use for every multi practices for both youths and others as well.