First PTA School Fundraising

Sekere Community News and Updates—November 30, 2019, the Parents-Teacher Association of Sekere All-Inclusive Elementary School held its first Fundraising of the school year 2019-2020 at the Multipurpose Gymnasium in Sekere.  It is a great accomplishment and we are so proud of this event because the spirit of togetherness and oneness between the school and the community is so evident and very encouraging.  It inspires and even motivates us, the people of the community, to wanting to strive towards excellence in all that we do today and beyond.  

Anyhow, whatever we have raised, we are very thankful and hopeful that our next fundraising will be another successful event.

Here are our Grand Prize winners:

Grand Prize Winners

Small Prize Winners

Prize 1.  Linsey Hadley from Rohi, Kitti Demina Simina Bilahr Linge
Prize 2.  David Syne from Sweet Ohmine Loriano Martin Aj Martin
Prize 3.  Aliana Martin from Sekere mura BS Resepwil Plomihna David
  Bersila Amaraich Kiki Maipi Skilling
  Reyes Reyo Diana Williams

Special thanks to our Governor elect Reed Oliver, Senator elect Aisek Artui, and Senator elect Jayson Walter for all your support toward the success of this event. Also, a big shout out to our PTA President and his supportive Officers, school Principal, teachers, parents and our students for all the donations, the supports and time and effort in coordinating this fun and successful event for our school.