Sekere Community Championship Night 2019

Sekere Community, November 10, 2019 — The Sekere Community Championship concludes with final matches between Team Oneop and One Heart, a women’s volleyball match and a men’s basketball match between Team Cousins and the Enforcers. A showdown that leaves the audiences appreciates the outcomes, the sportsmanship, the leadership and most of all, the spectacular performance of all the players.

A joyful night for Team Oneop and the Enforcers, they won the championship, and we always ended a game with this customary “WIN, LOSE, PWAPWA CHOK (Be Happy).”  We, the people of Sekere will continue to thank you all for the support, contribution and the cheering because it was a wonderful and successful Championship night.
special recognition and appreciation to our very own State and Municipal candidates for their presence and support.