Kamadipw en Kousapw - Sekere


Sekere Community News and Updates— December 21, 2019, the sound of the DJ was blasting, the people, the crowd were dancing while the rain was pouring and everyone was laughing, shouting and screaming with joy while celebrating the Kamadipw en Kousapw held in Sekere. The pigs on the other hand were screaming and begging for mercy while the menindei ordered the pigs to be slaughtered. This was a historical event that once again unite the entire people of Sekere together with its neighboring communities, Ohumoar, Kepin, and Kepinkep.

The event showed a picture of a leader with a compassionate and generous heart to his people and as well as the traditional chiefs of the neighboring communities. There, the so-called “Pahntam,” huge and gigantic gifts and offerings piled up to the ceiling was ordered to be shared among his honorable guests, his people and all his subordinates. His subjects were so content and thankful to his leadership, the “Lepen Sekere” and his great supporters.

Big thank you to all the people of Sekere, the churches, and the entire community for uniting together, upholding and respecting the value of culture by hosting a big feast for our own the “Lepen Sekere.” Shout out to Nansahu and his cabinet for organizing a memorable and well-done event. A sincere appreciation to Wasahi and the Soulik en Ohumoar, Kepin and Kepinkep and all your supporters for your presence, it sets an atmosphere of respect and honor to the work the community has done to their own and only “Lepen Sekere.”

May the Good Lord continually bless the people of Sekere!